Customer Display

Klanten Display
Glancetron 8034

The 8034 is a modern vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) with luminous bluish-green characters display on a black background.
Two rows with twenty characters each can be displayed. The display can be programmed extensively over serial commands. Blinking text, scrolls or fade-ins are as easily programmed as entire macros for automated messages, such as a preset welcome message that is displayed after five minutes of inactivity. The 8034 is ready for use with serial Epson printers over a single RS232 interface using pass-through mode.

Bixolon BCD-1100

fluorescent customer display, 2x20 characters, Pole height adjustable to 374 mm, green / blue characters, USB-jack, the power supply via the USBcable not included

 Klanten Display
 Klanten Display


Available in black or white, this 20 column, 2 line display shows a significant amount of data in easy to read characters measuring 9.8mm x 6mm. Standard features include Esc/ POS & CD5220 compatibility as well as pass through mode when connected to a host with limited connections.

Complete with interchangeable poles of varying sizes, the height can easily be adjusted as required.